Top Things To Do In Wisconsin Dells

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Plan Your Stay: Vacation Rentals in Wisconsin Dells

Welcome to the Wisconsin Dells Country Chalet, your gateway to an unforgettable experience. When visiting Wisconsin Dells, make sure to stay at our cozy chalet, your home away from home. Here, you’ll not only enjoy comfort but also have easy access to a world of nearby attractions and adventures. From natural wonders to thrilling experiences, we’ve got your stay covered. Whether you’re in search of serene tranquility or thrilling adventure, the Wisconsin Dells Country Chalet is your ideal vacation rentals destination for every moment.

Top five Wisconsin Dells shopping spots

When you’re on your vacation at Wisconsin Dells Country Chalet, take some time to explore the local mall and discover all the fantastic shops. Wisconsin Dells is known for its unique local stores you won’t find anywhere else. Shopping here is not just relaxing, it also supports our local community. After a day of shopping, return to the comfort of our vacation rentals at Wisconsin Dells Country Chalet.

Dells Mining Co.

Dells Mining Co. offers a thrilling gem mining experience for all ages. Explore unique minerals, create custom gemstones, and unleash your inner explorer today.

Original Wisconsin Dells Fudge

Indulge your sweet tooth at Original Wisconsin Dells Fudge, home to the city’s finest freshly baked fudge and a variety of delectable candies. Don’t miss this fudge haven.

DooHickey’s Souvenirs and Gifts

DooHickey’s Souvenirs and Gifts offers unique handmade gifts, artwork, and custom statues to remember Wisconsin Dells by.

Dells House of Jerky

Dells House of Jerky offers a unique selection of authentic beef jerky, snacks, and candy in Wisconsin Dells, making it the perfect spot for a quick, tasty treat.

Hand Blown Glass

Hand Blown Glass offers locally-made, unique glassware and gifts in Wisconsin Dells, with live glass blowing demonstrations.

Top five Wisconsin Dells sightseeing spots

During your stay at Wisconsin Dells Country Chalet, you’re in for some amazing views. While Wisconsin Dells is known for its water parks, it also offers fantastic spots to take in the surroundings. These points along the Wisconsin River let you see more of the area’s beauty. After your sightseeing adventures, relax in our vacation rentals at Wisconsin Dells Country Chalet.

Devil’s Lake State Park

Discover Devil’s Lake State Park’s scenic beauty and hiking trails, from the challenging East Bluff Vista to the stroller-friendly Tumbled Rocks Trail, all with breathtaking views.

Mirror Lake State Park

Mirror Lake State Park features a stunning mirror-like lake, great for photos and outdoor activities, just 3 miles from Wisconsin Dells.

Witches Gulch

Witches Gulch offers unique private canyon tours with Dells Boat Tours for stunning, off-the-beaten-path photo opportunities.

Witches Gulch

Stand Rock

Stand Rock, accessible via Dells Boat Tours, is famous for a unique geological formation and stunning views, a must-visit.

Wisconsin Deer Park

Wisconsin Deer Park offers close encounters with gentle deer, creating memorable views for family joy and vacation fun.

Top five Wisconsin Dells tourist attractions spots

If you’ve chosen Wisconsin Dells as your vacation destination in search of thrilling tourist hot spots, you’ve made a great choice! Wisconsin Dells is a highly popular area in Wisconsin and a dream destination for tourists. It offers a wide range of attractions to ensure an exciting stay, no matter how long you’re in town. And for comfortable accommodations, don’t forget to check out our vacation rentals at Wisconsin Dells Country Chalet.

Bigfoot Zipline

BigFoot Zipline in Wisconsin Dells offers thrilling zipline courses through treetops at speeds up to 35 mph. Explore ropes courses and aerial park with 80 challenges.

Rick Wilcox Magic Theater

Rick Wilcox Magic Theater in Wisconsin Dells offers a humorous, family-friendly magic show by Rick and Suzan Wilcox. 90-minute live entertainment with grand illusions and comedic timing.

Original Wisconsin Ducks Boat Tour

Explore Wisconsin Dells and the Wisconsin River with the Original Wisconsin Ducks Boat Tour, using historic amphibious vehicles. Operating since 1946, they offer unique and memorable tours.

Noah’s Ark Waterpark

Noah’s Ark Waterpark is Wisconsin Dells’ top tourist spot, featuring thrilling slides, wave pools, lazy rivers, and more. It’s the country’s largest waterpark, over 70 acres, with a variety of attractions and entertainment.

Wisconsin Deer Park

Wisconsin Deer Park offers the chance to pet and interact with white-tailed deer and other fauna, a local favorite for over 50 years. Visit in early summer to see fawns with parents.

Wisconsin Deer Park

Top five Wisconsin Dells late-night hangout spots

Wisconsin Dells offers plenty to enjoy and experience during the day, with enormous water parks and fun arcades. Whether you prefer indoor or outdoor attractions, there’s something to thrill every visitor. However, one part of Wisconsin Dells that often goes unnoticed is its late-night hangout spots. You’ll find various bars and pubs throughout the city where adults can relax with a drink after the sun sets. Whether it’s a beer or your favorite cocktail, you can unwind. And for a comfortable place to stay, check out our vacation rentals at Wisconsin Dells Country Chalet.

B-Lux Grill & Bar

B-Lux Grill & Bar is a family-owned restaurant open late, featuring handmade burgers, wings, and giant milkshakes. Perfect for late-night sports and drinks.

Edge-O-Dells Bar & Restaurant

Edge-O-Dells Bar & Restaurant is a unique late-night tiki-themed hangout on the outskirts of Wisconsin Dells. Enjoy live music, American eats, and Happy Hour specials.

Mamas Garage

Mamas Garage is your late-night destination in Wisconsin Dells with a three-level bar, live music, games, and affordable bar grub.

Tug’s Kitchen at Showboat Saloon

Tug’s Kitchen at Showboat Saloon is the ultimate late-night hangout in Wisconsin Dells, offering great food, classic pub fare, and a lively atmosphere with the locals.

Riverfront Terrace

Riverfront Terrace is the ultimate late-night hangout in Wisconsin Dells, offering a rooftop terrace, live music, outdoor games, tasty pizza, and a full-service bar for a fun evening with friends.


As you prepare to embark on your Wisconsin Dells adventure, don’t let the opportunity slip through your fingers. The spots awaiting your exploration are just one of the many reasons why you must experience Wisconsin Dells today. Getting ready for your stay is as easy as reserving our vacation rentals right here in the area. At Wisconsin Dells Country Chalet, we offer spacious homes complete with community amenities, including our indulgent spa suite and a delightful putting green. So, why wait? Book today and discover what you’ve been missing out on! Your unforgettable Dells experience is just a reservation away.

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