Chalet rental near Saint Paul

Discover a Cozy Getaway in Wisconsin Dells

Escape to the calm of Wisconsin Dells, just a (1-hour flight away) from Saint Paul. Our vacation house is a cozy retreat, perfect for relaxing or having fun. Enjoy the charm of our simple chalet, a peaceful place for romantic getaways or time with family and friends.

Come to our special vacation house, where comfort and beauty come together. Whether you want to chill out or have some excitement, our cabin offers a calm and comfy escape near Saint Paul. Reserve your stay now and find the perfect mix of comfort and nature’s charm in Wisconsin Dells.

Your Home Away from Home

Vacation Cabin Rentals
Step into our exclusive vacation house, a cozy haven that seamlessly blends luxury with rustic charm. Our chalet, carefully crafted for comfort and elegance, create a delightful melody surrounded by the beauty of nature. Picture yourself by the fireplace, feeling the warmth, or exploring nearby trails, each moment becomes a chance to relax and make cherished memories.

As you wander through the serene landscapes, you’ll discover the tranquility of our retreat. Whether unwinding by the crackling fire or embarking on an adventure along the scenic trails, every experience adds to the tapestry of rejuvenation and joy in our special vacation house. It’s more than a place to stay; it’s a sanctuary where nature and comfort harmonize to create an unforgettable escape.

Coming Winter 2023

Nature’s Haven at Wisconsin Dells

Immerse yourself in a nature-filled vacation at Wisconsin Dells Country Chalet. By day, explore lush landscapes, serene lakes, and rustling leaves. As the sun sets, retreat to your private abode with personal patios, where the night’s gentle breeze creates a peaceful atmosphere under the stars.

Coming Winter 2023

Seamless Convenience Amidst Splendor Near Minnesota

Explore Wisconsin Dells Wonders

N.B. – Available from spring

Summer Vacation in Wisconsin Dells
Our chalet’s awesome location opens up a world of exciting attractions in Wisconsin Dells. Dive into waterpark thrills, hop on boat tours, and savor delicious cuisine just waiting for you to explore. Just a stone’s throw from the charming Dells, our chalet becomes your perfect hub for adventure, where every day promises discoveries and moments of rejuvenation. So, get ready to embark on a journey filled with excitement and relaxation, all from the comfort of our welcoming chalet.

Coming Winter 2023

Book Your Wisconsin Adventure

Elevate your Wisconsin adventure with the Wisconsin Dells Country Chalet. Whether for respite or recreation, our vacation house awaits your presence, just 7 hours from Saint Paul. Secure your reservation today and unlock an unparalleled retreat in the heart of nature.

N.B. – Available from spring


Where is the chalet rental located?
Our vacation house is nestled in the Wisconsin Dells, offering a serene escape just (1-hour flight away) from Saint Paul.
How do I make a reservation?
Booking is easy! Visit our website or use the online system to reserve your spot in our cozy vacation house.
Is the chalet accessible year-round?
Yes, our vacation house is open year-round, providing a perfect getaway for both summer and winter retreats.
Is it suitable for large groups or families?
Absolutely! Our spacious vacation cabin accommodates both small and large groups, perfect for family vacations or group getaways.