The 10 Best Wisconsin Events

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Welcome to Wisconsin Dells Country Chalet, where an unforgettable getaway awaits you! We extend a warm invitation to all our fellow Wisconsinites and travelers venturing into the beautiful state of Wisconsin. Our charming chalet is more than just a place to stay, it’s an experience waiting to be discovered. Come, let us show you the attractions of Wisconsin Dells, and why our chalet is the perfect destination to make memories that last a lifetime.

List of Top Wisconsin Events:

Wisconsin’s event calendar is brimming with diverse and exciting offerings. From captivating music festivals that resonate with melodies to delectable food fairs that indulge your taste buds, our state’s upcoming events promise a wealth of experiences to suit every preference.

Bristol Renaissance Faire

Step back in time and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Bristol’s annual Renaissance Faire, one of the standout Wisconsin events. Prepare to be enthralled by the antics of jesters, marvel at the skill of aerialists, and witness daring acrobatics that will leave you in awe. As you watch knights engage in fierce horseback riding for the king’s favor, you’ll be transported to a bygone era. Take a shot at ax-throwing, fire a cannon, and test your precision with a crossbow, all before settling in to enjoy captivating performances featuring fire eaters, puppeteers, minstrels, and graceful dancers. This is a festival where the realm of possibilities knows no bounds.

Bristol Renaissance Faire in Wisconsin


In the heart of Milwaukee, the Wisconsin Dells Events, sponsored by American Family Insurance, has been a major music celebration since 1968, known for its hundreds of performances on 12 stages across a 75-acre festival ground by Lake Michigan. Organized by the Milwaukee World Festival, Inc., it promotes community unity and offers a platform for the performing arts, diverse activities, and recreational enjoyment. A cornerstone of Wisconsin events.

Cranberry Fest

Wisconsin’s cranberry industry is a source of pride, celebrated each year at festivals across the state. The annual Cranberry Blossom Festival stands out, honoring the delicate flowers that bloom on cranberry vines in summer. With live music, parades, carnival fun, arts and crafts, and delicious cranberry-inspired treats, this event is a must-visit for those looking for lively Wisconsin Dells events and a taste of Wisconsin’s vibrant culture. Don’t miss it. It’s a feast for the senses and a celebration of Wisconsin’s unique charm.

Sausage Fest

Join us on a Sunday during Labor Day Weekend from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM for an exciting Wisconsin event. Revel in the sounds of live music, show off your dance moves, try your luck in raffles, savor a selection of locally crafted sausages, and indulge in the finest October fest Style beers. Plus, we’ve got delightful activities for children, thoughtfully organized by the Northwoods Children’s Museum. Don’t miss this Wisconsin event, a day filled with fun and flavor.

Sausage Fest in Wisconsin

Stump Dodger Bash

The Stump Dodger Bash, an exhilarating Wisconsin event, is a yearly gathering of Country Music enthusiasts. It takes place at the Kickapoo Stump Dodger Campground & Event Center in Gays Mills, Wisconsin. Mark your calendars for June 30th and July 01, as we bring you an unforgettable experience. Explore the heart of Wisconsin with this Wisconsin Dells event, where music and nature unite for an unforgettable celebration.

Peshtigo Historical Days

Join us for a memorable Wisconsin Dells event – Peshtigo Historical Day, dedicated to honoring the historic Peshtigo fire of October 8th, 1871. The day starts with a morning run/walk and a lively parade at 10:30. From French St. to Badger Park, you’ll find Historical Reenactors, arts and crafts, music, bounce houses, face painting, a car show, and delicious food and beverages. It’s a family-friendly day of fun and remembrance you won’t want to miss!

Rock Fest

Prepare for an extraordinary Wisconsin Dells event with Rock Fest, renowned as the state’s largest rock and camping festival. Nestled on 360 acres of scenic Central Wisconsin terrain, this event boasts over 50 incredible bands. A colossal permanent main stage and four additional side stages are set to create an unforgettable musical landscape. Seasoned festival-goers and newcomers alike rave about the unique character of Rock Fest. They credit its remarkable flow, efficient organization, and overall experience, setting it apart from any other live event or rock show they’ve ever attended. Don’t miss out on this outstanding Wisconsin Dells event!

Rock Fest in Wisconsin

German Fest

Step into the realm of Wisconsin events with German Fest Milwaukee, a true Wisconsin Dells event, and Southeast Wisconsin’s prime celebration of German heritage. Since its inception in 1981, this festival has embraced and showcased German culture along the picturesque Lake Michigan shoreline. Mark your calendars for the last full weekend in July, when this vibrant event comes to life. German Fest is a true celebration of all things German, welcoming attendees of every age. Experience the unique charm of this Wisconsin Dells event!

Fall Downtown Fest

Join us in downtown Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, for the 6th Annual Fall Downtown Fest on October 28th – a thrilling Wisconsin Dells event brimming with casket races, witches dances, scavenger hunts, and a monster bar crawl for adults. Explore food trucks, enjoy a witches stew contest, and discover treasures at the vendor market. Costume contests, scarecrows on parade, and family-friendly activities like pumpkin decorating complete the festive atmosphere. Don’t miss this autumn tradition!

Dodge County Fair

Discover the heart of Wisconsin at the Dodge County Fair, the ultimate Wisconsin event for music, food, and youth engagement. With three nights of concerts, engaging youth exhibits, and delicious fried food, it’s where music lovers from all over Wisconsin and the Upper Midwest come together for a great time.


At Wisconsin Dells Country Chalet, we offer not merely a place to stay but a gateway to a world where beauty, comfort, and adventure converge. Whether you’re a proud Wisconsinite in need of a rejuvenating escape or an explorer eager to uncover Wisconsin’s wonders, our chalet stands ready to craft an experience like no other. Be a part of the stories created here, where every day brings new adventures and memories. Your journey into the heart of Wisconsin Dells begins right here. Book your stay today and let the remarkable adventure commence!

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